I knew when my wife told me she was in love with her hearing aids that a miracle had happened.
This miracle came about because of Michelle Arnold audiometrist extraordinary.
The service the caring and the friendly approach to us has been wonderful.
Michelle has the wonderful ability to make things right and explains every step of the way!
To lose your hearing is scary at first but to have such specialists such as Michelle is a wonderful bonus.
Thank you so much

Michelle Arnold with Margaret Brian Bury

Brian and Margaret Bury – August 2016

I have been using hearing aids for the past ten years. I decided to try Ashmore Hearing Centre regarding a new set of hearing aids.  On my first visit I was surprised at the depth of the review of my hearing and the professional manner in which it was carried out a no hassle visit to say the least and I learned more from that visit than my past ten years of hearing aid experience.

Subsequently I purchased a set of Hearing Aids at what I consider a very special price From Ashmore Hearing Centre.

I cannot fault the service that I have received and nothing has been a bother even issues that could be termed not directly associated with the aids.

Also I will have the same person looking after my needs as they progress and who incidentally is the owner, Michelle Arnold, which means a lot to me as I will only be dealing with the one person for the after services which is very important and does not happen with the larger Hearing Aid businesses.

I highly recommend Michelle and her staff to anyone contemplating the purchase of hearing aids or who have hearing issues.

Kind regards

Max Atfield